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Hardwearing, strong and exuding character - our worktops are built to last and impress in equal measure.

We take great pride in supplying our customers with high-quality kitchens that combine both durability and style. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of stone worktops or the elegance of granite, the sleek style of quartz resin or the charm of wood or timber, we have the perfect worktop to complement your new bespoke kitchen. Our commitment to design-led excellence is always at the forefront of our work, so you can rest assured you are getting the very best.

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What Makes Our Kitchen Worktops Stand Out?

Premium, durable, and functional

Stylish yet practical

Design-led and tailored solutions

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Kitchen Worktops to Suit Any Home


Crafted from 100% natural stone, granite worktops are a chic addition to any kitchen. Granite is mined, making each piece inherently unique, ensuring that no two granite worktops are identical. Besides their aesthetic appeal, granite worktops are incredibly strong and durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures and avoiding chips and scratches, thanks to their protective coating. They require low-effort cleaning, making them a hassle-free and low-maintenance choice for your kitchen. With their combination of beauty and functionality, granite worktops make an excellent investment for any home.


Unlike granite, Quartz is a manufactured material that combines quartz, resin, and colouring pigments. Due to their non-porous nature, these worktops do not require sealing, which makes them easy to maintain as well as stain-resistant. With a high sheen finish, they have a natural stone look and come in a variety of colours and patterns, making them perfect for any design aesthetic. Versatile in both design and build, quartz worktops are ideal if you are looking for a strong and durable worktop that offers plenty of aesthetic options.


Resin worktops are gaining widespread popularity on account of their modern versatility and durability. Resembling quartz in its low maintenance, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, the non-porous nature of resin worktops ensures its long-term use. Its mouldable properties enable easy customisation of any shape and size, accommodating diverse design requirements. The variety of finishes available, including gloss and matte options, coupled with an extensive colour palette, renders resin worktops highly customisable. In addition, they are eco-friendly thanks to their combination of natural recyclable materials. For homeowners seeking a cost-effective and long-lasting worktop, resin is a great way to go.


For homeowners with a desire for a more traditional aesthetic, considering a wood/timber kitchen worktop is an ideal choice. By creating a sense of homeliness, these worktops invite a sense of warmth and charm into any home. Their unique grain patterns and extensive range of colours provide a vast array of customisation options for your wood or timber worktop. Their strength and robustness guarantee their longevity, enabling homeowners to enjoy their style and functionality for many years. In addition to their durability, the natural antibacterial properties of wood worktops ensure optimal hygiene and safety. Homeowners with a timeless vision and penchant for a classic aesthetic will find wood/timber worktops an impeccable choice.