Shaker Kitchens

Simply Designed, Intricately Crafted

Drawing inspiration from the 18th-century Shaker religious movement, our Shaker kitchens embody a simplistic, clean, and efficient aesthetic that will appeal to modern homeowners.

Historical Simplicity Meets Distinctive Design

Through an in-depth consultation to determine your vision and requirements, our team of experts will collaborate with you to design a Shaker-style kitchen that integrates functionality, efficiency, and minimalist symmetry in a cohesive design. Crafted with exceptional quality materials and design-led craftsmanship, our Shaker kitchens result in a modern and luxurious approach to reflect the contemporary and stylish ambience of any home.

Shaker Kitchen Features

What makes our Shaker Kitchens stand out?


Bespoke minimalist designs

Premium appliances

Custom-fit to your property with care

Local expertise, national coverage

Time-honoured Traditions Become a Modern Muse

The Shakers put great emphasis and value on simplicity, practicality, and a high level of craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from the functional yet intricate nature of the movement,

Shaker-style kitchens embody a distinctive design which includes framed panel doors, flat panels, and square edges. Generally featuring neutral, low-key tones, Shaker kitchen cabinets shy away from decorative or ornate detailing, and instead embrace their bold and clean lines with subtle panelling.

Why choose a Shaker kitchen?

With its bespoke design and high-quality craftsmanship, our Shaker kitchens offer a modern aesthetic that thrives off functionality and style. If you are a homeowner who wants to capture the beauty of contemporary simplicity as well as enjoy a kitchen with an efficient nature, then a Shaker kitchen is the ideal choice. Choosing a Shaker kitchen is best if you enjoy:

  • Clean, symmetrical design
  • Simplistic style with little to no decorative elements
  • Neutral and muted tones
  • Homeowners of modern or contemporary properties
  • Functional architectural design